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 ProEssentials v9 Help

Chapter 1: Thank You!


This manual contains tutorial and reference material for the ProEssentials custom controls. These controls are designed to help software developers quickly and professionally implement graphical presentation and analysis functionality into software targeted for Microsoft Windows.



Thank you for choosing ProEssentials and thank you for reading this material. The ProEssentials product comes with free technical support. It's convenient for Gigasoft and customers alike to handle support without worrying about serial numbers and support agreements. This is the way we prefer to keep it. Please continue reading this manual so you can reserve requesting technical assistance for your tougher questions.

ProEssentials is not hard to learn. Reading the next 6 chapters will not take long and this time will definitely pay for itself in a smoother initial implementation. If you're a current ProEssentials user, re-skimming these chapters wouldn't hurt. There are additions specific to version 8 throughout.

This product and manual are intended for software development environments which support the following visual interfaces: WPF, WinForm, WebForm, OCX, and VCL. Or allow the direct calling of DLL API calls via a standard C CPP interface.


This first chapter discusses ProEssentials in a general fashion but contains a medley of information regarding end user and developer features. It also talks about new features added to version 8. If you are in a hurry to get ProEssentials implemented, then skip this chapter: But come back at a later time. The more you read about ProEssentials, the more value you'll be able to extract and utilize in your projects.