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 ProEssentials v9 Help

Chapter 1: Global Customizations


So far you have been introduced to the components and their respective specific features. ProEssentials components also share a variety of common customizations and functionality. The following sections describe these common features.


Main Title / Sub Title

These features allow the user to adjust the MainTitle and SubTitle. If a particular title is not provided, the space for that title will not be allocated. See MainTitle and SubTitle. Pipe symbols can be placed within these strings to form left|center|right justified portions for the title.


Viewing Style

The Viewing Style customization is used to quickly transform the image into color or monochrome. The Graph, Scientific Graph, Polar component, and the scatter mode of the 3D Scientific Graph component have viewing styles of Color, Monochrome, and Monochrome + Symbols. The Pie Chart component has Color and Monochrome viewing styles. See ViewingStyle. There are twelve pre-configured color viewing styles for non-bitmap/gradient mode and twelve additional color viewing styles for bitmap/gradient mode. The bitmap/gradient styles incorporate built-in background bitmaps that you can also use individually. See Common Question 36 for more information.


Font Size

This feature allows control over the font size used in the components image. The size selected controls the largest possible font size. During image construction the component will reduce this font size in order to make labels and data fit into their designated areas. See FontSize and FontSizeGlobalCntl, these can be used by the developer to adjust or tweak font sizes to be larger or smaller. Also see FontSizeGNCntl and FontSizeALCntl.


Numeric Precision

The user can adjust the number of decimal positions to include in tables, data labels, and data exported from the Text/Data Export Dialog. See DataPrecision. MaxDataPrecision extends the limit of 3 decimal positions to 7 and controls the maximum number of decimal positions which can be selected by the user.


Data Shadows

The user has an option of a drop shadow or 3D effect. The shadows add depth to the image. However, when many subsets and/or points are included, Data Shadows can significantly slow the image construction process and degrade the image. The 3D effect also adds more depth to the image and improves the aesthetics of charts which only contain a few subsets and points. See DataShadows.


Font Tab

All ProEssentials Customization Dialogs offer a Font tab. The font customization tab allows the user to change font attributes for the Main Title, Sub Title, Labels, and Table Data. ProEssentials components require True-Type fonts so non-True-Type fonts will not be displayed in this dialog. See MainTitleFont, SubTitleFont, LabelFont, and TableFont.


Style Tab

All ProEssentials Customization Dialogs offer a Style tab. This tab controls subset color, subset point style and subset line style characteristics.