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 ProEssentials v9 Help

ChangeResources Method

Scope All ProEssentials Interfaces


ChangeResources(szFile As String, nNewCharSet As Integer, bUpdateCharSet As Boolean, bUpdateAllCharts As Boolean) As Boolean





Name of file to load resources from.


New CharSet value related to resources.


TRUE updates all controls in memory with new nNewCharSet value.


TRUE refreshes all controls in memory by calling PEreinitialize, PEresetimage, and InvalidateRect. Causes menus and dialogs to be updated as well as any date/time strings within image.


Call this function to change resources (international localization) to the specified file.


ProEssentials resources can be found in Chapter 6. To change resources between several files, rename the PEGRC32D.DLL files as needed and use this function to force an immediate switch in language. All controls in memory will use the new resource DLL.


Returns True if successful, else False.



This method is a wrapper to the PEchangeresources DLL call.