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 ProEssentials v9 Help

AppendFromURL Method

Scope All ProEssentials OCX Interfaces


AppendFromURL(szURL As String) As Boolean

AppendFromURLex(szURL As String, nOpenUrlFlag as Integer) As Boolean






URL and filename.


Flags sent to the Windows OpenURL function. Default is BINARY and RELOAD, valid settings are... (see Microsoft documentation for more info)

  • INTERNET_FLAG_TRANSFER_BINARY   Transfer the file as a binary file.
  • INTERNET_FLAG_RELOAD   Get the data from the wire even if it is locally cached.
  • INTERNET_FLAG_DONT_CACHE   Do not cache the data, either locally or in any gateways.
  • INTERNET_OPEN_FLAG_USE_EXISTING_CONNECT   If possible, reuse the existing connections to the server for new requests generated by OpenUrl instead of creating a new session for each connection request.


This function is only used in combination with the Pedo Webform control, or Pedo ActiveX control.


The AppendfromURL method is used to append data to a ProEssentials control with data from an ASPX/ASP page on a server. This function helps in implementing incremental-data / real-time / strip-chart type internet updating of a ProEssentials control. When the data is received, the control first shifts its current data to make room, and the new data is appended.


If szURL represents an ASPX page, the server page should contain a ProEssentials Pedo Webform control with it's RenderingType property set to BinaryDataStream.


If szURL represents an ASP page, the server page should contain and ProEssentials Pedo ActiveX control and output its data via the SaveToStream method.


See Also: LoadFromURL, SaveToStream, SerializeToStream, JPEGToStream, PNGToStream, PEsavetofile, OCX Methods