Tools for creating Graphing Software: Content outline for our help system, and a collection of example code and tutorials in all languanges: .Net, C#, MFC, C++, VBScript, Pascal/Delphi

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Graphing Software Overview
Creating your own graphing software is easier than you think. Why buy canned graphing software when you can fully automate and customize your graphing to meet your needs. Then you can distribute as needed and not worry about licensing. ProEssentials is royalty free to distribute within your custom software.

Chapter 1: Overview of ProEssentials' Capabilities.
Chapter 2: .NET Wpf, WinForm and WebForm Development.
Chapter 3: VB ActiveX Development.
Chapter 4: Delphi and Builder VCL Development.
Chapter 5: Mfc, Win32 Win64 DLL Development.
Chapter 6: Programming Topics and How-To Info.
Chapter 7: Commonly Asked Questions.

Please see the above chapters within our graphing documentation for detailed information.

Along with the documentation, the eval will install a pre-compiled demo along with individual source code example projects which replicate the demo in their specific environment. There are WPF, VB.NET, C#.NET, MFC, Delphi, and Builder source code projects which serve as a great starting point for experimenting with your unique needs.

There are other various projects related to printing and SQL data access.

Use the desktop menu ... Start / All Programs / ProEssentials to find projects and resources.

Graphing in many languages.

Our products can be
used with many platforms.

.NET Wpf, WinForm Development
ProEssentials can be used with Visual Studio.NET to create rich-client-side graphing software via our WPF and WinForm interfaces in your choice of C#, VB, or C++ language.

For more info, please see Chapter 2 and the .NET Reference within our documentation.

.NET WebForm Development
ProEssentials' WebForm interfaces function as windowless server components within ASP.NET and IIS. ProEssentials includes BinaryWrite capabilities to serve up PNG and JPEG images as well as serialized ActiveX binary-states in various fashions. To clarify, our WebForm controls can send the binary equivalent of our ActiveXs to dynamically fill interactive content on the browser. This represents the least complex and full-proof mechanism to adding fully interactive graphing software within the client's browser. No dependency on the .NET Framework on the client's system.

For more info, please see Chapter 2 and the .NET Reference within our documentation.

MS Access, Excel, and yes, still Visual Basic 6 Development
ProEssentials works with Visual Basic primarily through its ActiveX interfaces. You can place a ProEssentials component on a Form, within a User Control, Class Module, and invoke ProEssentials DLL calls if desired.

For more info, please see Chapter 3 within our documentation.

Visual C++ Development
ProEssentials works with Visual C++ mostly via the DLL interface. C++ developers appreciate our simple to use DLL interface and find it similar to working with other Windows System DLLs.

For more info, please see Chapter 5 within our documentation.

*NOTE: In our help, for a list of DLL functions and general DLL type information, see within the left-frame: Contents tab / ProEssentials Reference / Alphabetic Listing / SDK/DLL Functions. Even though you may not be developing with the .NET interfaces, the .NET Reference is an excellent method of visualizing how the 1200+ properties are organized. Once you drill down to the property level, you will see DLL syntax and information

Delphi and Builder Development
ProEssentials works with Delphi through our native VCL interfaces. The VCL interface is similar to the ActiveX interface without dependency on COM.

For more info, please see Chapter 4 within our documentation.

Active Server Pages, old school web development.

ProEssentials' ActiveX interfaces function as windowless server components within ASP and IIS. ProEssentials uses BinaryWrite capabilities to serve up PNG or JPEG images and serialized ActiveX binary-states.

For more info, please see Chapter 3 within our documentation.

Walk-Throughs and examples of creating your own Graphing Software.

For those who like to start with hands-on information, see our Walk-Throughs below or within the documentation in their respective chapters.

Interfaces: Walk-throughs:    
.NET (WinForm) C#.Net VB.Net C++.Net
.NET (WPF) C#.Net    
ASP.NET (WebForm) C# Asp.Net VB Asp.Net  
ActiveX VB Asp IIS  
DLL Win32    
VCL Delphi    



Online developer reference

Complete online technical reference to the ProEssentials product. Our Graphing Software Reference is the best mechanism to navigate the large quantity of properties and features.  Walk-Throughs of graphing in VB.NET, C#.NET, MFC, Access, Excel, and Delphi get you started quickly.

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Online interactive demo

Financial, Engineering, Scientific, and Business examples give you an instant taste of your graphing software potential.

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