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ProEssentials v6 Maintenance Info


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 9/24/12.

1) Fixed various issues related to stability and performance.
Improved Bar plots for Scientific Graph (Pesgo) objects.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 9/17/10.

1) Fixed a rare issue with x axis with non-default setting AutoScaleData = False combined with extreme xdata values.
2) Updated the .NET 20 interfaces to be compatible with .NET40.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 9/17/09.

1) Fixed a memory leak related to RenderEngine=GdiPlus and using a font that has no "normal" style.
2) Fixed a Pe3do grid number internationalization issue. Decimal separator was not properly used based on international setting.
3) Removed 5000 table annotation cell limit. We never expected large tables but special TableSpaced table annotations may need to be very large. (see Exp 029 in our demo)
4) Added manual scaling ability of ManualScaleControlZ, ManualMinZ, ManualMaxZ that now applies toward bubble charts. Allowing control of range of bubble sizes.
5) Fixed an issue where setting WideCharToMultiByte=True and RenderEngine=Gdi caused problems with text output.
6) Fixed a GDI leak related to customization dialog style tab, moving mouse over drop down line style items.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 7/28/09.

1) Improved performance related to preallocation of memory when spoon feeding data one value at a time.
2) Improved quality of images when using high resolution monitors above 1800 pixels. For example, the pixel point type was showing as two pixels when images were 2050+ pixels wide. There were similar issues with various line thicknesses.
3) Improved an issue when an axis has no data assigned, it caused the grid line labels to increase in value with each chart reinitialization.
4) Date data prompts now consistent 4 characters, in older versions, if year less than 2000 it was shown as 2 characters.
5) Fixed EMF export of zoomed Pego, Pesgo and Pepso charts.
6) If chart is currently in a zoomed state, the customization dialog Axis tab AxisScaleControl radio buttons are now disabled. We currently do not support changing
the axis log/linear style once user zooms.
7) Fixed a bug related to Area plots and GraphDataLabels not located in correct locations.
8) We"ve added Russian and Korean resource DLLs, and improved the Italian resource DLL. These are available on our resource download page.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 1/18/09.

1) Fixed issue with y axis tick marks along overlapped multi y axes not showing in exported image.
2) Fixed an export dialog issue where dialog was not using a newly defined default width and height when users changes export settings.
3) Fixed a Right YAxisLabel drawing problem when using right axis subsets, multi-axes subsets, overlap-multi-axes, and then partially showing subsets via SubsetsToShow or RandomSubsetsToGraph.
4) Fixed an issue with RenderEngine = GdiPlus, and many data points plotted as Bar, having a random issue with printing full page and bars not showing.
5) Fixed a potential issue with Polar Charts exporting to small size combined with a large font caused an infinite looped thread.
6) Fixed GraphDataLabels/IncludeDataLabels feature not showing correct polarity when combined with InvertedYAxis, InvertedXAxis.
7) Improved VCL interfaces with use within Delphi and Builder IDEs.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 10/08/08.

1) More DayLightSavings enhancements. Added support for setting the TM structures weekDay member. Thus the day light threshold now supports the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or last occurrence of a defined weekDay. The default is weekDay = zero for Sunday. The .NET interfaces have been modified to overload the related functions offering the weekDay setting. If using ActiveX interfaces, it will require a PEvsetW DLL call to set this, just initialize the weekDay member as needed prior to PEvsetW call. This feature was needed to support new day light savings thresholds for many international customers.
2) Fixed a glitch related to a few data ranges and Pesgo XAxis Date Time Scales, related to DayLightSavings hour threshold of 00 or Midnight previous day. Also added support for setting hour to 24, or Midnight current day. This feature was needed to support new day light savings thresholds for many international customers.
3) Setting HatchBackColor = 1 will now cause HatchBackColor to be transparent for Gdi and Hybrid renderings.
4) Fixed a Floating Horizontal Stacked Bar problem showing within some charting scenarios.
5) Fixed PEPT_ARROW_N and other Arrow Types, Dash, and Pixel SubsetPointTypes not showing correctly within legend area.
6) Fixed a problem with combining features MultiAxesSizing and X AxisHotSpots.
7) Fixed a random problem with right y axis grid numbers not showing when using more than 6 multi-axes. If your charts use more than 6 right y axes, be sure to use this release.
8) PEchangeresources function for 64 bit DLL will now load our 32 bit resource DLLs allowing localization with our native 64 bit DLL.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 8/16/08.

1) Fixed issue with Export dialog, Text Export feature, when user supplied a filename and ext, the default ext is no longer appended which was resulting in two extensions.
2) has property interfaces and adjustments to help support the new user interface source code products.
3) Fixed an issue with Delphi implementations and potential floating point overflow error with use of ManualScaleControlTX = MinMax
4) Fixed an issue with Spline plotting method and padding last points with nulls where nulls were not zero.
5) Fixed an issue with LogScales and ManualScaleControl = MinMax and coding a min max range having less than 7 decimal places in difference caused a non responsive thread.
6)Fixed an issue with Pe3do Winforms and dragging vertical cursor thumb-button to upper half of scrollbar.
7) Coded a work-around for a bug in the Framework when realtime updating Pesgo Winform controls and simultaneous zooming caused the scrollbar/non-client low-level drawing functionality to corrupt.
8) Fixed WinForms, Webforms CustomMenuText limitation of 256 characters, adjusted to 1024.
9) Added code to automatically reset the scalefactor for axes: a) If charting data with a very wide range of values, zooming near the min or max would use same scale factor as entire chart. The scale factor now adjusts as you zoom and improves the quality of the axes grid number labeling; b) We get quite a few tech supports asking why the scales look odd when passing data and not resetting ScaleForYData, this addition avoids this issue so changing data in a chart and not doing a full initialization no longer requires you to set ScaleForYData and related properties. If you do set ScaleForYData=0 when repassing data this is fine and no changes in your code is necessary. Note, if your code happens to read ScaleForYData, be sure to test the logic that works with the returned value to see if it behaves as expected. ScaleForYData returns the initial scale of the axes assuming all data is auto ranged. Once the chart is zoomed, reading ScaleForYData may not reflect a current zoomed state. This should be a very rare concern but worth noting.
10) Includes a fix related to not being able to read SubsetLabels and respective contour label when there were more contours than subsets making up the contour (which is somewhat rare.)


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 07/01/08.

1) ExportImageDpi was accidently limited to 50, now 0 is valid, but range is 50 to 600. Setting to zero disables and DpiX and DpiY can be used for full control.
2) Fixed a problem with GraphPlusTable set to show graph and table where some long vertical point labels were causing a corrupted image.
3) Fixed issue with Pe3do 3d scatter and line PlottingMethod with Null inbetween two identical points, second line was not drawn.
4) Fixed Font dialog showing duplicate far east fonts starting with @.
5) Fixed font problem when RenderEngine=GdiPlus where some fonts do not have a normal setting (i.e., only italic), caused an issue of text disappearing.
6) Fixed TextExport feature which was not exporting at full maximum precision when selected.
7) Fixed a rare issue with setting Subsets and Points to same value and not passing data which caused our memory pre-allocation logic to overwrite last data point if it existed.
8) Fixed Pie rendering when only 1 slice, 2d view, and gradient effect was selected but not drawn.
9) Fixed an issue if no CustomMenuStates are defined with a custom menu implementation, then enable/disable logic for custom menus would not take effect.
10) Fixed an issue where hatched bars via PointHatch and PointColors were not properly caching when identical colors and different hatches were used.
11) Fixed an issue with very small pie charts, RenderEngine = Gdi or Hybrid, and slice percentages less than 1% causing slice to draw as full ellipse.
12) Fixed an issue with RenderingEngine = GdiPlus, VertOrient90Degrees = True, text not being justified correctly. Also tweaked text metrics for vertical GdiPlus rendered text (shrinking padding making a slightly tighter image.)
13) .NET WinForm Pesgo, Pepso were not supporting the MiddleButton AllowZooming features.
14) Fixed Subset legend for case when SimpleLineLegend = False and small charts not showing subset sample color.
15) ExportDialog, PrintDialog, and TextExportDialog are now centered within main parent window to match the CustomizationDialog logic.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 02/04/08.

1) Fixed an issue with CursorMode and CursorPromptTracking combined with TXAxisComparisonSubsets.
2) Fixed an issue with movable GraphAnnotations combined with data requiring high precision.
3) Improved fonts and rendering quality by reducing proportional font sizes for very long and narrow charts.
4) Serialization was storing cursor handles and this has been removed. Serialization will now restore cursors
to default internal cursors settings. This could potentially alter current code behavior but would be very rare. If
setting custom hand or arrow mouse cursors and temporarily persisting, you will have to reset your custom cursor settings
upon your restore.
5) Fixed Daylight savings for cases where Hour setting is zero. NewFoundland time for example.
6) Fixed PEvsetA for use with string property arrays.
7) When ZoomInterfaceOnly is non zero, the zoom threshold is reduced to one pixel instead of the default 20 pixels.
8) Made a change to prevent subset-legend area from getting larger than 1/2 of chart height. SubsetLabel font sizes
will be reduced to fit. Could potentially alter a chart"s look if using many subsets in a legend but overall improves quality when allowing sizing of chart.
9) Fixed a slow draw issue with Area plotting method and NoHiddenLinesInArea feature.
10) Fixed polar charts not supporting ImageAdjustLeft / ImageAdjustRight properties.
11) Fixed problem with using both DeskBitmaps and GraphBitmaps with gradient start and end colors identical.
12) Fixed Log Scales, non exponential labels, comma formatting.
13) Fixed a label positioning issue with X Axis Vertical Log scales combined with LogScaleExpLabels false.
14) New feature, ShowRYAxis = 5 will hide bottom y axis for RoseCharts.
15) Fixed polar chart not supporting Area plotting method.
16) Fixed YearMonthDayPrompt = Enabled when GdiPlus was used to render text.
17) Fix to now sort High-Low area plotting method when using PlottingMethods property array.
18) Rendering improvement, mono-chrome area, areastacked, high-low area plotting methods, now removed white border as it could misrepresent the data when large data sets were used.
19) Fix with PlottingMethods() and legend not using correct colors with High-Low area charts.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 9/23/07.

1) Fixed an issue with Pesgo Scientific graphs and Bar PlottingMethod when XData was different between subsets.
2) Fixed a bug where ScrollingVertZoom = True and AllowZooming = HorzPlusVert caused a glitch in inital rendering.
3) Fixed a divide by zero error rendering a RosePlot with Subsets = 1.
4) Real-Time table annotation updates via DrawTable function was not drawing text centered or right justified.
5) v6 Pro now includes 64 bit DLL and import lib as well as 64 bit .NET interfaces.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 8/23/07.

1) Improved VC projects to build under VS2005 and previous versions.
2) .Net 2.0 Winform and WebForm controls are now compiled for platform x86 rather than anycpu which allows applications to run on 64Bit XP and Vista via WOW64.
3) Bug fixed related to hundreds of VertLineAnnotations and HorzLineAnnotations using too many pens.
4) Fix related to potential crash for applications implementing a real-time Pesgo control and using ScrollingHorzZoom = True on Vista.
5) Horizontal line annotation type "8" was not show thick variation.
6) Fixed an issue with slow rendering when using thick subset lines and RenderEngine = hybrid.
7) Fixed an issue with movable, paragraph mode table annotations where a garbage character was appended to end of text.
8) Fixed an issue with table annotations containing more than 256 characters in any one cell, mostly related to paragraph mode.
9) 3D Waterfall plots with slices ending with a null data value caused a glitch in the image.
10) Graph annotations using vertical text justification caused all future annotations to default to vertical orientation if not explicitly controlled.
11) Fixed Polar chart issue where control disappeared when control height reached 100 pixels.
12) ActiveX, WinForm, and WebForm interfaces were missing CustomGridNumberEX and CustomGridNumberETX properties.
13) Fixed a potential divide-by-zero error with small ranged y axis scales, zoomed into a smaller range while ScrollingVertZoom = True.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 2/24/07.

1) Delphi/Builder PAS interfaces adjusted to handle Unicode strings.
2) Graph Annotations of thick line types were not enabling hot spots.
3) Pedo Webform control was not working correctly with larger than 128 elements within a single dimensioned array.
4) FloatingStackedBars=True and DataShadows=3D not correctly working when RandomSubsetsToGraph() was set to only show one subset.
5) Pie Chart fix, the Other* slice color was not consistently the color defined by SubsetColors(Points).
6) Pie Chart improved when RenderEngine = GdiPlus, DataShadows = 0 or 1, a new gradient effect is used to render slices.
7) Pie Chart improved slightly to better position slice labels.
8) Extra X Axes now supported with DateTimeMode
9) Fixed a drawing issue with LegendStyle = OneLineInsideAxis combined with Top X Axis or Extra Top X Axes.
10) Fix related to Point and Bubble plotting methods, GraphDataLabels = True, zoomed chart, some labels not in current view were still getting labeled.
11) Improved RoundRect annotations with Gdi+ as previous versions were using GDI to draw RoundRects.
12) Improved X axis log scales with respect to zooming/panning and intelligently constructing axis.
13) All background bitmap properties now support server based file names. Any image filename starting with "http:" is now read from a server rather than locally.
14) Area PlottingMethod option for ScatterMode 3D charts was not showing in customization dialog and setting was not serialized.
15) WinForms features Image.BitmapToImage and Image.PngtoStream fixed.
16) User Menu leak resolved related to Polar Charts unique to Rose Chart configurations.
17) Modified our WebForm controls rendered binary content by adding binary Content-Type header info.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 1/31/07.

1) Fixed an issue related to a recent change introducing a potential buffer overrun when RenderEngine = GdiPlus and use of a font name over 16 characters.
2) Fixed an issue with the new Day Light Savings format changing in 2007.
3) New Demographic Pyramid plotting method. See example 035 within demo for more info.
4) New High-Low Area plotting method. See examples 022 and 136 in demo for more info.
5) YAxisOnRight feature was enhanced to support horizontal bars charts and new Demographic Pyramid charts. This allows the numeric scale to be on bottom of chart rather than top of chart..
6) Improved horizontal bar scales where grid line/tick was not anchored to edge of chart when in close proximity to chart"s edge, as with normal scales.
7) Slightly improved documentation. All short descriptions throughout the help system were re-read and about 30 needed updating.
8) Improved C++ WinForm Walk-Through.


Gigasoft has uploaded version on 1/10/07.

1) The eval had a bug within its date expiration logic which was causing random problems. The retail version was uneffected.
2) All bitmap and gradient logic was ported to 100% GDI+ which represented a fairly large change from previous versions.
3) Added EmfType, EmfDc, and EmfBitmapGradients properties allowing more control over EMF export features.
4) Added improved EMF export features to the API as well as end user Export Dialog.
5) Added the TextRenderingHint property allowing control over default text anti-aliasing.
6) PEprintgraph and PEprintgraphEx printing with PrintTechnology = GdiPlus, font sizes were wrongly using ExportImageDpi rather than PrintDpi.
7) Fixed a bug related to new GraphAnnotation types PEGAT_POINTER_VECTOR_MEDIUM and PEGAT_POINTER_ARROW_MEDIUM.