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ProEssentials v9 Demo Only - Simple Self Extracting EXE
Version :
Size : 17 Meg

Download v9 Charting Demo: PE9-Demo.exe

Above download is not for developing, but is a quick runtime experience of ProEssentials Charting Components with Financial data, Audio WAV file real-time charting, 3D GIS data and more.

The self-extracting exe places all files into one folder.

Much better than static images in a gallery, consider overall rendering quality, feature set, ease of use, and avoiding odd looking charts by sizing or adjusting the built-in user interface.

Simply delete the demo folder after your look.

No complex setup necessary. Copy the extracted files to a flashdrive and simply run from any system from the flash drive. Best to run on a system with dedicated graphics but newer intel processors also do great.

Check out example 403 and double-click chart to start rotation and then press 0-9 key to start camera animation. Also see examples 115, 123, and all the 400s.

Try on a touch screen, 3D translates with two finger drag and two finger quarter rotate followed by single finger drag translates light position. Winforms and MFC support touch the best, and Winforms and MFC provide the fastest performance as WPF requires more hand-shaking.

Most of the 17 Meg demo download is data (9M terrain file and 10M Wav file showing realtime charting WAV data and GIS data.)

The download includes three charting demo exes with 80+ examples each:

  • PEmfcDemo.exe (native, has feature to render in all technologies to help compare speed and demo advantage of v9, shows code in C#, C++, and Delphi Pascal.)
  • PEwinformDemo.exe (.Net Charting Winforms demo similar to PEmfcDemo)
  • PEwpfDemo.exe (.Net Charting WPF demo similar to PEmfcDemo)

To see the demo with localized dialogs, popup menus, and most importantly dates and our date-time features, in your language of choice, download a resource file from the resource download page and place in demo folder. Only use one resource file at a time and also note the operating system local will influence the demo.

After testing the actual bits, study our help from the demo's Help menu or our Online Documentation . ProEssentials does what you need, encapsulated in a simple property, method, event interface.

Or, download our complete fully functional evaluation and start developing for real, it's only 50 meg...

 Size File nameVersion
ProEssentials v9.8 Pro89 M PE9-Pro-Setup.exe v9.8.0.54

A quick look at our demo!