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Founded in 1993, by 1995 Gigasoft, Inc. released its first version of ProEssentials charting components as static libraries for C++ developers. Later, Gigasoft added VBX components for VB3, VCL components for Delphi, ActiveX components for VB4 through VB6, and now offers Wpf/WinForm/WebForm .NET charting components for Visual Studio.NET. Gigasoft has always concentrated on charting, and charting at a mission-critical level. Prioritizing stability, speed, rendering intelligence, and ease of upgrading. Not just a component provider, trusted by Fortune 500, Gigasoft regularly signs non-disclosure agreements, signs proprietary licenses, and provides custom programmed charting solutions to the world's leading companies and governments. When you need more than a generic charting tool; or want more custom services from a component vendor; Gigasoft has been the quality choice for more than 20 years. All the time, establishing an exemplary track record and amazing customer satisfaction.

CLIENT- SIDE: Our strength. From the oldest/weakest to the latest/greatest hardware, ProEssentials can handle your hardware needs. Hardware with discreet graphics can benefit fully from our Direct3D and Direct2D. Older inexpensive hardware can benefit from our legacy GDI rendering and or Direct2D. Medium Data (10K-500K) to Big Data (500K-5M) is our strength (Note our next release, v10, will expand big data to 1B and increase overall performance via gpu based compute-shader-rendering and multi-threaded cpu-to-gpu data throughput optimizations). Our history has always been filled with Windows Embedded and Scientific and Engineering applications. If you are creating a client-side EXE working with: .NET WPF, WinForms, MFC, Delphi, Builder, or any Windows development IDE; give your search a rest, you found the best for your engineering/financial/serious app. The bits don't deceive, and they are our best selling point. Like a picture is worth a thousand words, our Demo is like an infinite amount of pictures. Sizing, shaping, using the popup menus (right click) and dialogs allows for infinite variety and massive exposure to our bits.

Our api is simply properties, methods and events.

SERVER - SIDE We do have customers using ProEssentials server side and or via internet aware apps.

1) 1) Traditional Browser Development: Minimum Interactivity but maximum audience: Our .NET WebForm controls rendering JPG, PNG, or SVG images with or without imagemaps (hotspots.) You'll be getting the maximum graphical potential to a large problem domain. Features such as multiple axes, date-time, annotations, and overall intelligent image construction help maintain chart quality at smaller chart sizes without user intervention.

2) Internet-Aware client side development: We always recommend to develop internet aware EXEs over browser apps. All prefer Google Earth over Google's web maps. ITunes and Spotify work better as an internet-aware EXE than a web site, clearly! If you're working with lots of data, want maximum interactivity, easier development, better testing and debugging, better performance, better stability, and so many other advantages, create a simple EXE that gets its data over the net. ProEssentials has very simple features to 1) efficiently transfer binary chart states across the net, and 2) incrementally load data across the net. Our WinForm interfaces, native DLL, and ActiveXs can all receive data from our WebForm interfaces. We provide all interfaces to allow all potential combinations of EXE, Browser App, and Internet-Aware EXE development. Internet-aware EXEs are the best; and ProEssentials with its client-side strength is the best chart for your internet-aware EXE.

THE BOTTOM LINE (It's about pleasing and protecting the customer, and what we do best!)

Our customers (thousands) are largely software-business-owners and high-level product managers whose direct bottom-line are based upon the charting functionality embedded in their product(s). When compared to all potential buyers in the market, our customers have spent the most time evaluating their choices because their needs are the most important. One of our greatest strengths is the type of customer we attract.

For over 20 years, our customers have always been able to upgrade easily and at their own pace. We care more about maintaining and improving our customer's code base than forcing change. Our customer retention is perfect, our customers upgrade even though not forced to upgrade. Word-of-mouth and repeat-customers are our largest source for new sales. We constantly get new customers switching from our competitors. If you buy ProEssentials, you will be satisfied, you will be a customer for life, your applications will easily and inherently improve in quality over time, our attention-to-detail means you'll work less making your charts behave, and you will eventually see the competition clearly secondary. This is my personal promise to you as a fellow engineer, in friendship and character.

If you need a custom property, method or event added to ProEssentials to simplify your goals, please contact me. Leveraging ProEssentials with custom sponsored features is extremely efficient and benefical. We can make your end-goals so much easier and impressive.

Thank you for reading this page. I sincerely appreciate your dedication in researching your purchase. Your research deserves a rest, you found the best.


Robert Dede
Gigasoft, Inc.

Our Mission

Your success is our #1 goal by providing the easiest and most professional benefit to your organization and end-users.

We are Engineers

ProEssentials was born from professional Electrical Engineers needing their own charting components. Join our large list of top engineering companies using ProEssentials.

Thank You

Thank you for being a ProEssentials customer, and thank you for researching the ProEssentials charting engine.