The .net charting component to evaluate and choose for your scientific, engineering, and financial charts!

Winforms Charting, WPF Charting, C++/MFC/VCL Charting. Gigasoft has 20 plus years experience helping corporations develop large client-side and embedded charting projects.

Our charts are fast, stable, robust, and easy.

The most artificially intelligent rendering. Expert fast support. The simplest, least expensive, high quality solution guaranteed; licensed for every developer in your company.

GigaSoft Super User: Innova Drilling & Intervention

One of the best c# charting library real-world implementations you will find.

Experience Innova Drilling's .Net Charting Masterpiece utilizing ProEssentials

ProEssentials will easily keep-up with your most demanding mission-critical maximum-quality charting library requirements.

Don't minimize your efforts or risk your rendering quality, use ProEssentials. Place the quality of your product's professional appeal above all other factors.

.Net Charting Direct3D Dirct2D Implementation

Charting Component Feedback

The best companies and organizations say the best about ProEssentials.
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Why ProEssentials?

We sincerely hope you research and find the best solution that meets your overall needs for your specific target-implementations and corporate development environment.

It's guaranteed: ProEssentials' overall 2D and 3D rendering quality, speed, ease of use, and Gigasoft's prompt professional support will impress. ProEssentials has thousands of developers and millions of end-user installs from desktop to embedded medical/industrial applications developed by the world's leading engineering companies.

ProEssentials is very fast. Watch 100 Million points being fully and continuously re-passed and re-drawn while audio data is charting in real-time. Preliminary v10 and v9 charting performance video. ProEssentials talks directly to the gpu via Direct3D api calls; and charts via Direct2D api calls where it makes sense and utilizes lossless data-reduction algorithms as needed. We are continuously porting our c++ cpu side vertex and index buffer creation logic to gpu side compute-shader logic. Our speed is continously improving and we will soon (again) be the fastest available in the world, combined with the most intelligent rendering.

View our demo to experience first-hand the quality of rendering in 2D, 3D, Polar, Pie, and continuous and discontinuous Date Time axes. Consider we include Winforms, WPF, Webforms, VCL, DLL, and OCX interfaces for an inexpensive corporate unlimited-developer multi-year license with no additional support costs. The logical conclusion is most engineers and corporate management will agree ProEssentials should be thoroughly evaluated. If building a charting prototype, it should be built with ProEssentials; providing end-users, the design team, and management the experience (real knowledge) to decide which chart is best for the end-user and overall project construction and maintenance.

Components are inexpensive, it's a no-brainer to add ProEssentials to your organization's tool chest for all employees to use as needed in their work.

As an engineer, make your decisions based on actual experience.

As a product manager, make your decisions that are best for the end-user and your company.

Our Property Method Event API is very high level. Your most complex line of code will be [MyChart.PeString.MainTitle = 'Hello World']. When coding ProEssentials, we've written all the internal code (500K lines of code) to help make sure all your property settings play nice and result in an overall intelligently rendering and behaving desktop solution.

Technical Support beyond your expectations

When customers get stuck on a tough problem, we recommend adding our function call PeFunction.SaveObjectToFile to the end of their initialization code. They then email us this file. We then call LoadObjectFromFile and step through the issue and report back what is the cause. It takes our time, but we donate this effort over and over free of charge. Gigasoft's customer support is awesome.

Fast Inexpensive Custom Additions

No chance of a road-block; Gigasoft provides quality custom enhancements as needed. Fast, cost effective custom software solutions leveraged from a proven codebase makes Gigasoft's value hard to duplicate. It’s an optional service and those organizations that have used us were extremely satisfied. Rather than forcing a complex implementation that may be difficult to fully implement and maintain, let us create the interface to simply enable your goals. Talk to us. Sometimes we agree a feature is needed and we will add the feature free of charge.

Tons of positive feedback

See our client list and read all their feedback. ProEssentials charting is always well-accepted by developers, engineers, scientists, and executives. We often hear comments on how important ProEssentials has been to a project's success.

Simple to gain experience

Download our no-hassle 17M demo. Zoom the 2D date-time, logarithmic and polar examples and study the axes and how they behave. Stretch and size all the charts, while zooming, and study the behavior. Zoom and rotate our 3d and enjoy testing our charts to experience our depth of intelligent rendering logic and overall desktop quality.

ProEssentials is best for your organization

Because of our easy Property Method Event interface, future maintenance of your software can be easily handled quickly by any level developer (and our support is fast and free if they need it.) Our attention to detail is mostly targeted in your end-user and overall corporate experience. Leave highly opionionated solutions to those who like to debate; while we all get the job done in an impressive easy implementation with greatest potential to easily maintain into the future.

All Interfaces included, ideal when buying our inexpensive unlimited-developer corporate license.

All interfaces included (Visual Studio.Net, WinForms, WPF, WebForms, ActiveX, DLL, and VCL). Multiple teams have the freedom to choose their favorite interface while all teams rely on the identical quality charting code-base. EXEs, Web sites, and Internet-Aware EXEs can be mixed and matched as needed.

Scientific Charting Components

Your scientific and engineering charting solutions will impress the end-user and management. The ease of implementation will make your solutions easy to develop and easy to maintain into the future.

Very fast Direct3D Hardware Accelerated 3D and 2D Charting supporting lastest DirectX.
Our charting is getting faster as we continuously refactor cpu side construction to gpu side compute-shader construction.
Easy Property Method Event API so engineers, scientists, or anyone can quickly be productive with no need for expert developer skills.
Intelligent rendering of multiple y and x axes combined with easy to use per axis annotation features. Series may be programmatically or end-user hidden and related axes and annotations are automatically hidden.
Perfectly stable with decades of scientific implementations via thousands of properties to simply solve thousands of customer needs.
Quality clean overall rendering preferred by scientists and engineers. Quality printing and exporting to file. Optional vector output for publication quality printing.

RealTime Charting and Embedded Charting

Fast efficient charting for your real-time charting, engineering, and Windows Embedded projects.

2D charts can optionally be drawn via low level Direct3D buffers and shaders which is the fastest method of drawing. We are currently refactoring to also entirely build the charts on the gpu via compute shaders.
Data can optionally and optimally be passed by reference so no duplication of data.
Low overhead while running and distributing. Our re-distributables are approximately 7 Meg with simply one or two files to distribute. Our charts will run on systems with as low as 512 Meg.
Optional pure DLL/MFC, or Delphi / Builder C++ development. Supporting the most efficient approach to adding charts to your projects with zero dependency on .Net if desired.

Financial Charting Components

Your financial charting and general business charting solutions will impress the end-user and management. The ease of implementation will make your solutions easy to develop and easy to maintain into the future.

Robust muliple axes and overlapping axes are easy to configure. Once configured the chart will allow you to programmatically slice and dice, hiding/showing subsets, and the chart will automatically handle hiding/showing axes and optimally maintain a quality rendering. The end-user has an optional built in user-interface to also slice and dice.
Robust tooling user interface features allow for custom end-user tooling. Tooling is the ability to click and drag on the chart to draw immediate custom graphics (via our annotation features). Financial charting developers often develop proprietary studies and proprietary drawing tools.
Intelligent date time x axis construction of a discontinuous linear calendar along x axis. The x axis labels can be programmatically or end-user configured vertical and our logic will restructure the linear calender to best handle the higher density labels.
Our annotation features are how the developer can automate and render custom proprietary financial studies. These concepts apply to general business, engineering, and scientific charting as well.

Scientific Charting, Embedded Charts, and Engineering Charting

A few featured charting implementations.

scientific charting

Scientific Charting: The USGS uses Gigasoft ProEssentials

As seen on The History Channel, episode American Volcano, Mega Disasters series. Copyright © A&E Television Networks.

The USGS uses ProEssentials in a variety of scientific graphing applications that monitor seismic, acoustic flow, and various other early warning data related to active volcanoes.

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Charting component embedded into dyno

Embedded Chart: Mustang Dynamometer, DynoJet and Super Flow use Gigasoft ProEssentials

As seen on The Learning Channel, Rides series (many episodes). Copyright © Discovery Communications Inc. BCII.

If you watch custom car television, you've seen ProEssentials on TV many times. For years, all the top dynamometer manufacturers such as Mustang Dynamometer, DynoJet and Super Flow use ProEssentials.

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Big Data Charting feature implementation via Direct3D DirectX.

Direct3D Charting: Geffen and Rotational Data

Demonstrating a nice use of Gigasoft ProEssentials charting components to visualize vibration data via Direct3D DirectX rendering in both 2D and 3D.

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ProEssentials one time pricing includes approximately 3 years minor maintenance release, support, royalty free distribution, perpetual license. As we are currently offering v9 + v10, this means you will be up-to-date for approximately 4 years.


ProEssentials v9+v10 Pro:

  • New License: $3199.00 one-time or $999 annual*
  • Upgrade from v8-v5 Pro: $1799.00
  • (Gov and Edu: $2899)
  • No data limitation.
  • Licensed per developer.

Don't worry about reaching limits, when the need arises, your progress won't be delayed or compromised.

Pro National

ProEssentials v9+v10 Pro National:

  • New License: $7999.00 one-time or $2699 annual*
  • No data limitation.
  • Unlimited developers one Corp one Nation.

Don't worry about licensing. Allow any and all your developers to benefit from ProEssentials in their work.


ProEssentials v9+v10 Standard:

  • New License: $1799.00
  • Upgrade from v8-v5 Std: $1299.00
  • Limited to 8000 pts per chart.
  • Licensed per developer.

Great for client-side and server-side implementations with small data sets.

Upgrading to v9 Pro

ProEssentials v9 Pro from v8-v5 from v8-v5 Standard or v7-v5 Lite

Upgrading to v9 Standard

ProEssentials v9 Stdv9 Std from v8-v5 Std, v7-v5 Lite

Electronic delivery is our only option for delivery. When ordering via PO, please include an email address. We will send serial number and download instructions with attached pdf invoice via email.

Government Educational pricing of $2899 for ProEssentials v9 Pro US or non US. When ordering online, place a note in Notes section 'GovEdu $2899'. Our system will report $3199 but the order will be processed manually and you'll receive a pdf invoice with correct price.

 * ProEssentials Subscription: optional yearly fee instead of a one-time license fee.
01. User Subscription: $999.00 per year, 3-year commitment. 1 developer.
02. National Subscription: $2699.00 per year, 3-year commitment. 1 Company, 1 Nation, Unlimited developers.
03. Subscription allows use of ProEssentials components and resources.
04. Subscription allows royalty free distribution of ProEssentials distributables (DLLs).
05. An active Subscription is required to develop ProEssentials based products, create new ProEssentials based distributions, maintain existing ProEssentials distributions.
06. Subscription requires addtional 2 Years recurring payment, after which, automatically renews yearly.
07. After 3 payments user/company is granted perpetual-development and perpetual-royalty-free-distribution of their ProEssentials versions received via Subscription.
08. User/Company may upgrade their Subscription to a Perpetual License with a one-time 100% payment of the remaining years of their 3-year commitment.
09. User/Company may cancel Subscription early if ProEssentials components and serial numbers are removed from your systems and ProEssentials is no longer in use.
10. If Subscription payment is cancelled, a new Subscription is required to again utilize ProEssentials development and distribution.

Please contact us if interested in starting a ProEssentials Subscription and have questions.

.net chart symbol 2
.net chart symbol 2
Scientific Charting Components Direct3D Direct3X Symbols and Points
Scientific Charting Components Direct3D Direct3X Symbols and Points